State Convention coming up!

ASP Texas
It’s July, and the ASP has declared July the party’s Month of Organization! So what a more fitting time for Texas’ State Convention!

The Texas Chapter of the ASP will hold it’s first State Convention on July 28th in Houston, TX. At the Convention we will ratify bylaws, elect new State Committee members, endorse any candidates for public office, organize and recognize local chapters and have some special guest speakers. Along with get to know each other and grow in community and solidarity.

The event is free and open to all ASP members to come and enjoy. All full voting members of the ASP will have voting privileges at the Convention. The deadline to become a voting member is July 21st.

The Convention will be from 9am-6pm at 12439 Northwest Frwy, Houston, TX 77092
More info about the State Convention can be found here.

Hope to see y’all in Houston!

Brian Talbot Jr.
Texas Vice Chair
Travis County Chair

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