We Need You

We need you to help this party get off the ground. To spread solidarity, subsidiarity, social justice, pro-life for the whole life here in Austin. How do we do that? Through a dedicated team of volunteers willing to put themselves out there to spread that message. Taking to the streets at marches and protests, not only for the unborn, but for those being torn from their families while searching for a better life. By building coalitions with others to advocate for practices and policies that are more equitable for all. Most importantly running candidates for public office to put these ideals of pro-life for the whole life, social justice, environmental protection, and creating a peaceful world into real world laws and policies.

“But Brian, why isn’t that being done already?” Simply, it can be too much for one person to do by themselves. That’s why the ASP of Travis County is having it’s first convention next month. Mainly to build a team that is willing to go out and do these things and build solidarity in Austin. I by myself have done a lot to lay down the framework, but now I need a team to help get boots on the ground and build relationships, stand up for whats right, and get candidates on the ballot!

Next months County Convention the County Executive Committee offices of County Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary will be up for election, and Precinct Chairs will be appointed. These positions would require at least an hour a week of member and candidate recruiting, social media management, event planning, and community outreach. It is vital that this team be put together so that we can be a force for real political change in Austin, and not another chapter of an internet debate society. So I ask all ASP members in the Greater Austin area to consider volunteering for one of these positions. If interested please email asptraviscounty@gmail.com with your name and what position you’re interested in. I look forward to hearing from my fellow Solidaritists.

In Solidarity,

Brian Talbot Jr,
County Chair
American Solidarity Party of Travis County

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