Response to AG Sessions Firing

Yesterday President Donald Trump asked Attorney General Jefferson Sessions to resign, and yesterday he did. President Trump then appointed Matt Whitaker as Acting Attorney General and boss of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, instead of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Whitaker is not someone who has a favorable, or even neutral position on Mueller and the Russia Investigation. Whitaker has not recused himself like his predecessor had.

These actions undermine the independence of the investigation, and of our justice system in general.

Today November 8th, citizens all across the nation are taking to the streets in peaceful, non-violent protests to let the President know that we the people will not stand for this injustice. Here in Austin there are protests planned for outside of City Hall at 5 pm. As well as outside the Austin office of Representative Michael McCaul at 5:30 pm. There will also be protests infront of the Williamson County Courthouse in Georgetown and on the Square in San Marcos. Both at 5pm.

I am planning on attending the protest in front of Rep. McCaul’s office, I hope that other Solidaritists will join me or in solidarity at any of the other protests.

In Solidarity,

Brian Talbot,

County Chair-ASPTC

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