2020 TCSP Organizing Meeting

Good afternoon everyone!

With the State and National ASP conventions coming up this month The American Solidarity Party of Travis County will be conducting a virtual organizing meeting/election to formally organize from more than just a one-person team and be officially recognized by the Texas ASP Committee.

This meeting will be asynchronous, meaning it will not be conducted in real-time, but throughout a time-period through electronic means. From now until June 15th will be a proposal/nomination period. You can create a motion for the agenda, amendment to a motion, nomination of an officer, etc. Voting will be done through email from June 17th-19th.

Currently, the proposed items on the agenda are linked on the document below. If you would like to participate please send an email asptraviscounty@gmail.com.
In Solidarity,
Brian Talbot- County Chair

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