Early Voting Starts Today!

Early Voting for the November 8th election has started. Visit your County’s elections page for details on your specific ballot and locations.

Travis | Williamson | Hays | Bastrop | Caldwell

For Federal office, we are not electing the President or a Senator this election. As always for an even-year election, we are voting for the House of Representatives. There are new House districts in effect with this election. If you’re unsure what district you’re in, you can visit the State’s Who Represents Me site and input your address.

For example, it reports the following districts for me:

For Statewide office, we’re electing our Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller, and the Commissioners of the General Land Office, Agriculture, and Railroad.

The American Solidarity Party has Jacqueline Abernathy running as a write-in candidate for Governor who spoke at our County Convention in May.

State House, Senate, School Board, and various judicial positions are also up for election.

Travis County is selecting our chief executive, known as the County Judge, and the County Clerk. The City of Austin is electing a Mayor for a special two-year term—previously an Austin voter proposition decided to move the mayoral race to Presidential years, and the 2022 election will be a short term to allow for the new term timeline to start in 2024. Some City Council positions are open as well.

There are various bond proposals on the docket: City of Austin Prop A for affordable housing, AISD Prop A for school improvements, Prop B for technology upgrades, and Prop C for athletic facility improvements, Austin Community College Prop A for facility improvements.

Who Should You Vote For?

Ultimately, this is for you to decide. As a county chapter of a small, grassroots third-party, we see the existing two-party system which often demands party over principles is not healthy for our country.

Common Good | Common Ground | Common Sense

We believe that our elected officials should aim to improve the common good through common sense proposals which can gain common ground amongst Americans.

Our platform includes the Sanctity of Life. This is different than “Pro-Life” as seen in today’s political world. Human life is sacred—from conception to natural death. Abortion, euthanasia, the death penalty, and attacks on innocent human life—including the horrific gun violence that has taken too many—is all part of this. Both of the mainstream political parties fail at this, but we absolutely reject that someone must vote Republican.

Social Justice and Community-Oriented Societies are crucial to our country’s success. We are responsible to vulnerable members of our society and we are required to have societal structures that uphold our equal values. We must be aware of and address systemic and historical injustices.

Our society is built upon different types of communities—family, governmental, educational, and religious. These communities should be allowed to flourish. Higher forms of government should support, not supplant, local forms of government. Families are the essential building blocks of communities and must be supported.

Economic security is essential. Workers’ rights and a fair, living wage must be ensured.

Our environment is a gift to all of us and we must treat it as humble stewards.

Peace and corporation amongst nations is essential to our global world. Military action should be rare, but when needed, should follow just-war principles.

Read more about the ASP Platform.

All that said, the Travis County ASP encourages all voters to consider the principles held by those the candidates are electing, not simply what party the candidates belong to.

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