May 2022 Voters Guide

Just in time for early voting our May 2022 Voters Guide!

Some notes on Austin Prop A, we do not endorse the legalization or use of marijuana. But too often, marginalized groups are convicted and punished at much higher rates than others of different demographics for similar or sometimes the same offense! Also, no-knock warrants are banned in Prop A, and that is a good thing that just happens to be tied on.

Don’t see your race on here and want our thoughts? Send us a message or email ( and we’ll let you know where we stand.

State Constitutional Amendments, Props 1&2: Yes

Austin Prop A: Yes

Cedar Park Props A, B, C: Yes

Cedar Park Mayor: James Penniman-Morin

Cedar Park City Council Place 2: Collin Klein

Cedar Park City Council Place 4: Eric Boyce

Cedar Park City Council Place 6: Heather Jefts

Leander Props A, B, D, E, H, I, J, K, L, N, O: Yes

Leander Props F, G, M: No

Leander City Council Place 1: Trey Schisser

Leander City Council Place 3: Steve Hanes

Leander City Council Place 5: Bill Louden

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