Announcing Our 2020 Ticket!

69961624_1369007086601764_608122125928103936_nOn Monday, September 9th the Solidarity National Committee announced the winner of the American Solidarity Party’s primary election for the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election.

Our nominee for President of the United States is Brian Carroll of California. Carroll is a retired school teacher from Visalia, CA, and ran for Congress in California’s 22nd Congressional District against Devin Nunes and came in 5th place ahead of the Libertarian candidate running a one-man campaign. Carroll is the current Vice-Treasurer of the American Solidarity Party of California.

On September 17th Carroll selected SNC Chair Amar Patel as his running mate for Vice President. According to current ASP rules, there was a 48-hour period to challenge Patel for the nomination. There were no challengers and Patel was selected as the Vice Presidential Nominee.

Amar Patel is a school teacher from Illinois and the Chair of the Solidarity National Committee, the executive body of the American Solidarity Party.

We are so excited to have Brian and Amar as the standard-bearers of our party!

For more information on the Carroll/Patel campaign please visit their campaign website at

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