ASPTC Partners with Texans for Voter Choice


DECEMBER 17, 2018

The American Solidarity Party of Travis County has joined the Texans for Voter Choice Coalition. This is a coalition of groups all across the State of Texas working for common sense ballot access reform. This group includes the Libertarian, Green, and Constitution parties of Texas, among many other groups working to end the bitter duopoly the limits the freedom of Texans to have leaders that align with their conscience and values.

Texans for Voter Choice’s mission is:

“Texans for Voter Choice is a non-partisan coalition organized in support of the Texas Voter Choice Act. We believe voters—not private parties or incumbent politicians — should decide who gets elected to public office. That’s where we step up. The Texas Voter Choice Act provides voters with more meaningful choices on Election Day by dismantling the unnecessary barriers that make it so hard for qualified candidates to appear on the ballot in Texas.”

Their mission aligns with the Civic Engagement plank of the National ASP platform

“The American Solidarity Party calls for the reform of electoral laws at every level of government in order to encourage voter participation by all citizens. We believe that the current system disenfranchises third parties and those they represent through systemic legal and procedural measures that favor and uphold a two-party system.” Platform of the American Solidarity Party

Working for ballot access reform doesn’t end with joining an organization. Having a partnership is only the beginning. Bringing the voice of the people to the ballot box requires hard work, determination, and building relationships. Relationships in in our party, between organizations, in our communities, and at the State Capitol in Austin. Therefore, we ask that during this Legislative Session you talk to your friends, family, and acquaintances, and most importantly your State Representatives and Senators about the Texas Voter Choice Act.

Having a choice at the ballot box is important, not only to give Texans more freedoms, but also so that the American Solidarity Party can better promote

  • The Sanctity of Human Life
  • The Necessity for Social Justice
  • The Responsibility to care for the Environment
  • and Promoting a More Peaceful World

If you want to help spread this mission, connect with us on our Contact page.

In Solidarity,
Brian Talbot Jr.
County Chair

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