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June 7th, 2018

American Solidarity Party of Travis County Call to Convention

As County Chair of the American Solidarity Party of Travis County, I Brian Talbot Jr. issue a call for County Convention to elect chapter leadership and ratify bylaws. This convention is in preparation for the Texas State ASP Convention on July 28th.

For ease of convenience the County Convention will take place online from July 21st-22nd, and will start at 12pm on the 21st and end at 8PM on the 22nd.

The business for the convention will be as follows:
Approval of the ASPTC Bylaws
Election of elected county officers (County Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary)
Appointing of other County Executive Positions (any volunteer Precinct Chairs, and Officers-at-Large)
Endorsement of any candidates for public office

All members (Associate Members and higher) of the American Solidarity Party that reside within the Greater Austin area (Travis, Williamson, Hays, Bastrop, Caldwell Counties) will have voting privileges. All eligible members will be sent an email with candidates and their biographies, a copy of the proposed bylaws, and links to a voting service where they cast their ballots.

If you wish to run or volunteer for a county executive position, please email with a short biography and a professional looking photo. Biographies should include:
Why you want to be a county officer?
What you can you bring to the table as a county officer?
Any personal information you want to include.
The deadline for officer applications in July 7th. The newly elected County Chair will be expected to attend the State Convention in Houston July 28th.

For any other questions about the convention or county officer positions or running for public office please email

Link to proposed bylaws:…/1j9EVWPZHFjEVCEY9XcYJZSPMwB…/edit…

Brian Talbot Jr.
County Chair,
American Solidarity Party of Travis County

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